The Horseshoe Cloister

The Horseshoe Cloister at Christmas

As seen from the West Steps of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.


The Horseshoe Cloister was built c. 1478-81 shortly before the start of the Tudor period, though the style is closely associated with that Royal period. The buildings provided lodgings for the priest vicars (minor canons) and the men of the choir (Lay Clerks). Today it remains home to Lay Clerks and their families. The Cloister, the shape of which alludes to one of King Edward IV's heraldic devices (a "fetterlock", a D-shaped fetter for tethering a horse by the leg) as well as making optimum use of land available, was restored in the 19th century.


The greeting inside each card is:

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

The Horseshoe Cloister
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